Classes and Training


Thrive boot camp’s are fun and dynamic workouts that will push you, and help take your fitness to the next level. Our Cross Training  boot camp’s involve Cardio based Strength Training, which will maximize the calories you burn in each workout, while increasing your metabolism, strength, cardiovascular levels, endurance and stamina. Break through plateaus and get amazing results by mixing up your workouts consistently and learning new techniques!



Self Defense is the use of reasonable force to protect yourself or members of your family from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor, if the defender has reason to believe they are in danger. Our goal at Thrive is to teach you various techniques that are simple, effective, and proven to work to dis-engage or separate yourself from a harmful situation. Dis-engaging from a harmful situation keeps you out of trouble, and ensures your safety which is the most important aspect of self defense. Keep yourself and your family safe, increase  your awareness, and boost your confidence by attending self defense courses at Thrive!

No matter your sport, we’ll help you gain the competitive edge and avoid injury with an intense but balanced training program. Our personal trainershave personal and coaching experience with a wide variety of sports including track & field, football, wrestling, baseball, and more. Call us at 734.929.4106 or email .



Our experienced and nationally certified fitness professionals will help you reach and exceed all of your fitness goals. Our primary focus on each client is utilizing correct form and technique so you advance safely and effectively. Thrive coaches specialize in exercise programming for kids, beginners, and elite competitive athletes, with emphasis on nutritional counseling, postural and muscular imbalances, and assisted stretching. We will help motivate you, educate you, record your monthly measurements, and help you progress in many different ways so you can look and feel the best you ever have!


Group Training is great for couples or friends by achieving your fitness goals as a team. Motivate each other by holding your group accountableinside and outside of the gym, while still getting all of the benefits of personal training.


Thrive Martial Arts and Fitness welcomes wrestling head coach Larry Gotcher (Former 2x All American from the University of Michigan) and Assistant Coach Matt Guhn (Former University of Michigan Varsity Wrestler, High School National Champ) on Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6:30-8pm, with open mats throughout the week. Come join us! Call us at 734.929.4106 or email .




Our personal trainers have a special program for soccer players to increase speed, agility, and stamina. Call us at 734.929.4106 or .



Whether you want to improve your hurdling, sprinting speed, or long-distance stamina, Thrive’s personal trainers will put a program together to help you meet your running goals. Call us at 734.929.4106 or email .



Get the power, speed, and agility you need to master the field. Thrive’s personal trainers know how to push you to reach new levels of performance and can customize a training program for your goals. Call us at 734.929.4106 or email .

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